«Great company logo» – what is it? Memorable?! High quality?! Modern?! Minimal?! Trendy?! With a meaning?!

Eye Logo vision abstract design vector template.
Business Technology multi-use logotype concept icon.Logo Sphere Abstract Business Technology Infinity loop design vector template.
Digital Creative Corporate infinite looped Logotype concept icon.Peacock Logo abstract negative space design vector template.
Luxury Fashion Logotype concept icon.

Yes to all. But the main thing: logo is a solution of some task. The task varies from informing potential client about company’s product/service to defining product/service/company/client image.

Coffee Tea Cup logo vector design template. Cafe emblem icon. Cafeteria symbol.

Lets look closer on coffee shop logo. What is it? In case of single coffee house its enough to represent steamy cup and impersonal label “Coffee shop”. We can even add product naming or owner’s/his mother/his first love name etc. to the product name giving individuality to coffee shop. If the shop is a coffee-to-go its better to represent carton disposable cup. In both cases it’s important to outline the cup and disposable one to make it recognizable. If this condition is satisfied the passerby’s eye will catch, identify and outline mentioned logos among other signage and ads.

Coffee cup Logo cafe bar with steam design vector template.
Natural Pure Original True Coffee bean Logotype concept.In case of coffee shop franchise the approach should be more complex and serious. Firstly think through about the name and … stop, this is second time about naming, we are about logotypes. So, we have the name, market research and what is the next step? On basis of what we have and marketing strategy it’s time to start logo development. In this case logo will contain more parameters than in previous: uniqueness or similarity (depending on marketing strategy), status, stylish / friendly, bright, quiet, strong, majestic (underline whatever) etc.

Coffee Mill such as Castle Logo vintage design vector template.
Good for Coffee & Coffeehouse retro Logotype. Creative concept icon.…Go ahead. For example, coffee shop’s feature is to make coffee using some old classic technology. To convey this “through the logo,” its enough to represent a hand grinder on it. To outline coffee naturality use muted lime green and brown colors desaturated. To create the impression of an old tradition Use vintage fonts and tint colors to make old vintage impression.

There are many tricks to display different qualities and features. The right combination will make logo work and sell.

Mentioned properties are not the only for logo to work. Not less time should be spent on technical aspects.

To be continued…